Download the European Consumer Payment Report 2019

The report is based on an external survey of 24,000 consumers in 24 European countries.

In this year's edition of the report, we see that European consumers must learn to navigate in an increasingly uncertain world.

The pressure to pay bills is having a detrimental effect on Slovakian consumers’ general wellbeing, while over half wish they had learnt more about household finances at school

  • Almost half (43%) say their bills are rising at a faster rate than their income
  • 80% say they are able to save each month. In 2018 71% stated the same. European average for 2019 is 75%. But 63% are dissatisfied with the amount they are able to save each month
  • 28% of Slovakian would not be able to pay even for a minor unexpected bill (e.g. repairing the car)
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